Adaptive Leadership – The Easiest Way to Define Your Teamwork

The generation gap between bosses and employees is often an obstacle in advancing the company’s system. Before this, a leader might have been someone who tended to be authoritarian in managing everything. However, today-generation or millennials prefer flexible and adaptive leadership. In other words, they prefer if their boss puts employees as partners, not subordinates.

Adaptive leadership is an essential thing that you need to apply to your company management. Furthermore, how exactly is adaptive leadership? Here are four main principles of adaptive leadership that you need to know.

Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to realize his feelings and those of others. In this case, an adaptive leader must have awareness about the atmosphere around him. Thus, they can build trust and emotional relationships with their employees, but still, be professional. Besides, they must also understand how to approach each employee personally with different characters.

Organizational Justice

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In adaptive leadership, a leader also must have a culture of honesty. In other words, an adaptive leader must apply the company rules equally. They must be able to embrace all circles and accommodate every different point of view. Besides, they must also be able to treat all employees as valuable and respectful.

Adaptive Leadership Development

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In adaptive leadership, a leader must also be willing to learn new things. In this case, an adaptive leader must continue to develop strategies to manage the team. They must be able to work together and accept every criticism and suggestion for increasing the company’s growth and success. Thus, an adaptive leader must always be flexible and open.

Adaptive Character

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Besides the three principles above, in adaptive leadership, a leader should have a strong character. In other words, an adaptive leader must have authority, but not becoming stiff. They must be transparent, creative, and emotionally stable. Thus, employees will naturally respect and are willing to work without the need to be strictly governed.

Those are some basic principles of adaptive leadership that you must have. In essence, to become a leader who is loved by employees, you must be a flexible and friendly person. It’s not the time for a leader to be tough and scold the employees. In other words, you must learn the character of your employees to establish good communication.

Besides some points above, here are the characteristics of an adaptive leader.

  • Able to organize all changes in the company and become a bridge between employees and stakeholders.
  • Having the capacity to create a comfortable work environment and appreciate all the differences.
  • Understand that changes cannot happen instantly and want to be part of those changes for the sake of the team.
  • Always ready to face the pressure that comes with every change.
  • Be proactive and always look for opportunities to advance the team and the company.
  • Dare to admit mistakes, apologize, and be ready to change for a better strategy.
  • Be open to every experiment and dare to take risks.
  • Keen on innovation and always encourage employees to think critically and creatively.

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