Agate Level Up

Agate began by the simple premise of fun by encouraging people to “Live the Fun Way” as it was also the foundation of the establishment of Agate Level Up back in 2010. Agate Level Up runs as the Gamification and Learning solution as we believe people can achieve their full potential when having fun.

With that spirit, we are aiming to help companies achieve their best by improving the employee development and customer sustainability.


Pro-Actively Contributes into
Establishing World Happiness


Become the Leading Gamification
and Learning Company in SEA







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Arief Widhiyasa

Chief Executive Officer

After participating in the International Olympics of Informatics, Arief found that his true calling was in games. In 2009, along with his 18 closest friends, he co-founded Agate. Rising through his career, he was named Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2016. As of today, he still thrives to do what he loves most, gaming, as well as being in the business as the CEO of Agate. 

Shieny Aprilia

VP of Enterprise Business

Enlisted as one of the co-founders of Agate Studio, Shieny has been around seeing Agate’s development from the day it began in 2009 as the Game Producers and became the Chief Operating Officer in 2010. She then led the development of gamification trend in Indonesia and since 2017 to the present, she became the VP of Agate’s Enterprise Business line. 

Dave Fabrian

VP of Consumer Business

Dave first joined Agate Studio during the year of 2010 as a Game Artist, one of the 2D illustrators. However, he quickly rose as the Head of Product Manager by 2012. He is currently appointed as the VP of the Consumer Business line bringing Agate’s games closer to the players around the world. 

Lee Marvin

Chief Financial Officer

Marvin was so into game that he began his early working experience as a freelance server administrator for DigiGame Cyber Café while also attending management school at ITB. Before joining Agate as a Product Manager in 2012, he co-owned several entrepreneurial businesses in diverse range. In 2014, Marvin was appointed to be Agate’s Chief Financial Officer to date. 

Wiradeva Arif

Chief People Officer

As one of the 18 founders of the Agate Studio, Wiradeva or best known as Devon began his career path in Agate as the game developer. He then proceeded to become the Chief Financial Officer the day Agate Studio was officially founded, while still also running as one of the developers until 2011. He is now serving as Agate’s Chief People Officer since 2016. 

Teguh Budi Wicaksono

Chief Technical Officer

For his wide technical knowledge, Teguh joined Agate since the year it first sprouted as he is one of the co-founder. His first role was a game programmer, and successfully developed his own game framework. He continued to walk along Agate and became the Technical Director in 2013. He is today the Agate’s Chief Technology Officer since 2017. 

Budiman Goh

Chief Commissioner

Budiman Goh is the International Business Director of Garuda Food, one of Indonesia’s most leading food and beverage company that has stretched out world-wide. Currently handling over 10 brands across Indonesia, he strives to further the reaches of Indonesian snacks world-wide. 

Rhesa Surya Atmadja


As the Co-Founder of GeeksFarm, an IT Training and Recruitment company, Rhesa Surya Atmadja has successfully trained many elite programmers in all around Indonesia. He is also the owner of DigiGames Indonesia, a large chain of gaming café spanning throughout the country.

Muhammad Andy Zaky


Muhammad Andy Zaky is the founder of Technopreneur Indonesia, a media company focused on analyzing and informing about news regarding technology and the businesses within. Technopreneur Indonesia is one of the biggest Technological-Entrepreneurship media in Indonesia. 

Adrien Gheur


With over a decade of experience in alternative investments, Adrien Gheur is the co-founder and current Managing Partner of Maloekoe Ventures, a Private Equity and Venture Capital company that supported some of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia. 

Jusuf Sjariffudin

Independent Commissioner

Jusuf Sjariffudin is the founder and CEO of PT Piranti Solusindo (Jatis Group) since 1997, and by 2014 had also taken a major part in establishing the largest technology holdings company in Indonesia as a branch of Jatis Group, the Indivara Group.

George Tahija


With over 19 years of investment experience, George Santosa Tahija is currently the Commissioner and Chairman of the Risk Management Committee of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk, one of the biggest Indonesian holding companies of oil palm plantations in Indonesia.  

Harun Hajadi


Harun Hajadi is currently appointed as the Director for PT Ciputra Development Tbk. As of today, Ciputra Development is known to be the leading and most diversified property companies in Indonesia.  

Husodo Angkosubroto


After playing a pivotal role of Gunung Sewu Kencana’s (GSK) development in 1977, Husodo Angkosubroto has since risen through and made GSK one of the leading holding company in Indonesia and in the current day, he serves as Chairman of GSK. 

Jimmy Masrin


Jimmy Masrin sits as VP Director of Lautan Luas Group as well as the CEO of Caturkarsa Megatunggal, both a large chemicals company and enormous industrial company playing parts from chemicals, mining, fuel, distribution, shipping and even logistics in Indonesia.